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TCFSR releases available on

Available as a high definition digital download.

For the sixth year in a row we will be releasing a TCFSR Solo Word project compilation on the first day of the year, the 13th Solo Word project overall. However, for the first time the latest solo word is the second half of a pair.

On 31 October we released 'OLD' to coincide with the end of the pre-Christian year in this part of the world, and Saturday's release will be 'NEW' to coincide with the Gregorian calendar new year.

Artists are given a single word to interpret with whatever audio they deem appropriate. Although a definition of the word is sometimes provided, as artists have a variety of first languages, there is no additional instruction beyond a deadline for submissions.

Some artists have contributed to both words, some to one or the other. Admirals Of Induced Hysteria have contributed a track to NEW with the same title as WarpCensor's track on OLD, but completely different. Dental Drill Slips used the same source sample for both OLD and NEW, a simulation of the sound of the big bang based on cosmic background radiation for the first 760,000 years of the evolution of the universe by Prof. John G. Cramer of the University of Washington, Seattle, USA that is based on data from the Planck Mission of the European Space agency.

The album includes interpretations by seven artists.

Previous Solo Word releases are 'OLD'











and 'AIR' (from the word 'ambiance')

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