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Admirals Of Induced Hysteria challenge.

Your perceptions. Sense of right. Sense of order. Sense of normal.

Stop and start. Back to forward. Left to left. Right to Right.

When strange is normal and normal is strange.

Don't be anything other than special.

Don't find yourself. Don't detox or cleanse. You are here already.

Rejoice and do what you will.

Listen to the voices in your head and ignore them.

Life is OK.


Admiral and Admiral. Both different. Both identical.

One wants to be a Contract Killer. One wants to be a Midwife.

Each helping ease us through the beginning and end. Listen and enjoy.

Seasonal Inventory Management

Admirals Of Induced Hysteria are here to challenge.
To unseat comfortable illusions.
To give food for thought about consequences.
To laugh at the darker sides of life.
Admiral and Admiral invite you into their world.

Increased Brightness Consolidation

In the second part of their look at the seasons, Admiral and Admiral consider how to cope with change.

Inexplicably, The Corner Store Ceased Trading

The Admirals are back after a severe admonishment at The WarpCensor Institute. Back at Hysteria Lodge they have produced this seasonal treat for us by way of contrition and as a taste of things to come. Not sure if dR tRONIC is on message with the title or cover art though. Maybe he's due a visit to the Institute.


Here for the first time are the 26 tracks by the Admirals Of Induced Hysteria that were released as six groups, together with a bonus remix by their associate dR tRONIC.

We’re sure you will find these attractive tunes lodge in your head at the most inappropriate times. This versatile collection comes in individually numbered die stamped boxes complete with an alternative media option (the blank tape is provided unspooled to allow immediate access to any point), an adapter so you can listen in Stereo or Mono and you can also sing along, Karaoke-style using the enclosed lyric sheet and vocal assister.

Facsimiles of the seven covers printed on both sides of 200gsm card are included.

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