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Dental Drill Slips is an artist of infinite capability and patience. Since arriving on this planet many eons ago he (gender is so difficult) has embraced a love of music and a breadth of knowledge so encompassing that many humans would be crushed by it's vastness. From time to time a small snippet is allowed to be carried on airwaves for deserving disciples to nourish their souls and encourage them to make their own music. Dental Drill is able to collect their offerings and transform them into great works, nestling alongside his in a great pantheon rising above mediocrity.

Plays Away

Dental Drill is autistic and so not big on collaborations. However over the years he has cropped up on a few compilations on other labels, sometimes as part of tourmaline hum. We are using the 10th anniversary of TCFSR on Bandcamp as an opportunity to pull these tracks together to make a complete set of the work of Dental Drill available on the label that he oversees.


Is a release at Christmas a Christmas release?


I'm probably not alone in deciding to create a release for 22 February this year (2022). Frustratingly, I spent a month or more chiselling away bits of sound and moulding bits on to sound elsewhere but achieving nothing satisfactory. I sort of gave up.
Late last week I had an idea and was able to try it out on Friday and... EUREKA the dam burst and ideas came flooding through.
I was about two thirds of the way through creating 22222 when I had an idea to create a second track that is 22:22 long and (hopefully) sounds the same played in the traditional fashion or back to front. The trouble was that it was Saturday and I was committed to travelling half way across England to watch a non-league football match!
It wasn't a case of just knocking up an 11:11 long track, duplicating it and flipping it for the second half. Some of the parts in Completely Contrary Composition run the entire length of the track and do not repeat (go figure).
A couple of very late nights (until 6.45 am on Sunday into Monday) and I completed this release with five and a half hours to spare. :)

An advantage of running the label is that I can put out releases at very short notice, although I had to suspend the "euphoria rule" - we give ourselves 14 days to be sure that a creation is as good as we thought it was when finished it.

Bridget Riley

"Inspired by a recording that I heard whilst assisting with the production of BERG 7 by British Experimental Rocket Group, this release started as an abstract sound sculpture. These audio are sculpted from layers of similar sound. When I listened to the first completed track I noticed sound elements that do not appear in the source synthesis. It reminded me of paintings by Bridget Riley that I viewed at an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery near the end of 2019. In particular black and white paintings such as 'Over' in which your eye detects a rainbow of colours that are not physically there.
I created further sculptures with additional elements to reflect the development of colour and movement in the line paintings by Bridget Riley."    DD


I had spent many months getting nowhere creatively, so I decided to not do solo work anymore. A few weeks later this EP was ready to go! ....... DD


Minimalist compositions using electronic instruments and kalimba

I told you it was broken

A continuous work in three movements.

Pathways of The Mind

Contending with mental health challenges himself, Dental Drill's album 'Pathways of The Mind' considers a dysfunctional brain, from both a mental and physical perspective.

when life reflects art

The first album length release by Dental Drill Slips is a reflection on the decay of human endeavour.

Dental Drill Slips - When Life Reflects Art Booklet Page 2.jpg
Dental Drill Slips - When Life Reflects Art Booklet Page 3.jpg
Dental Drill Slips - When Life Reflects Art Booklet Page 4.jpg
Dental Drill Slips - When Life Reflects Art Booklet Final page 24x24.jpg
The Music For The NOW Generation series

Short music


Created with regard to comments by David Byrne concerning how music is defined by the environment in which it is expected to be reproduced, ReWave is short.

Music for the NOW generation.

It is a single instance of sample of a single wave that was 0.0094 second long, played through a sampler instrument. ReWave was composed to extend this single waveform for as long as possible, without adding effects. The Pixiemix took the opposite approach, reproducing the waveform in the shortest possible time allowed by the software, whilst remaining audible. The Mysticmix is a single instance of a convolution space applied to ReWave #1. In order for the tail to be as long as possible it was necessary to apply a limiter to the result.

The waveform used is pictured on the icon.


Inspired by the book ‘How Music Is Made’ by David Byrne, and the Disquiet Junto Soundcloud project to remove two parts from an incomplete composition and treat the result as complete, Dental Drill has crafted another unEP of compositions for the NOW generation.

when life reflects art reflects life

The third release in the series 'music for the NOW generation' by Dental Drill is a condensed facsimile of his album 'when life reflects art', which can be found above.

Regardless of the original length, each of the tracks has been condensed to 6.5 seconds, to create an album that runs for 59 seconds

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