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Except Buses emerged in the 1980s through friendship and a common interest in music that crossed boundaries, and did not bore. Using basic programmable keyboards, household and automotive objects, and later, an Atari ST computer, Simon Lewry, Steve Tree, Aidan Walsh and Richard Zarywacz created challenging music, and sometimes not-so-challenging music, and issued it on cassettes. We cannot forget Carlton Newbould who occasionally contributed. Often, an album's worth of material was produced during weekends in the countryside, which included walks to watch the dawn break and intensive food shopping in supermarkets.

Family, careers and life left Except Buses behind, but not the archive and an extensive collection of photos. Selected pieces are being restored and published, and photos appear from time to time.

You can hear Except Buses on Soundcloud and via links here.

Except Buses works are issued by

The Committee For Sonic Research.

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