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Music From The Quietest Room (Music for Not Listening, volume 5)

The fifth and final EP in the Music For Not Listening series,

WarpCensor's Music Not For Listening series is now complete with Volume 5 – Music From The Quietest Room. We think it's just right to get your feet tapping, mind wandering or just chilling out. We've ended the series with a remix of the very first track – Forest Shadows.

Here's the rather formal text that came with Volume 1. 

"An awkward title indeed for the first Extended Play collection of numbers from WarpCensor. Unlike the last album, WarpCensor has decided to stay within a single theme for this programme. 

Regular listeners may be dismayed that these pieces are not designed for critical appraisal; rather, they have been created with a view to alternative uses. 

Firstly as an accompaniment to a gathering, or when undertaking a task, when there is no need to focus on any particular aspect of the music. 

Secondly, when there is a desire for the attainment of a hypnotic or trance-like state. In this case the listener should set the controls of their instrument to continuously loop a particular item and then concentrate fully on any single component of that number. It may be helpful to stand and make rhythmically matching movements in order to become as one with the music. We have not tried, and therefore are unable to comment upon, using alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or any other mind-altering substance to assist the process; we leave this to the listener's discretion. 

It goes without saying that the listener should be in an environment where any inertia or movement during a listening session will not cause them or others any danger; again, we leave this to the listener's discretion." 

All music composed at The WarpCensor Institute by WarpCensor. 
Production assistance by Dental Drill at The Patisserie. 
Cover Photography and Design by WarpCensor.

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