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Music From The Other Room (Music not for listening, volume 2)

Following on from the first EP in this series,

these tunes may be useful as aural wallpaper, possibly for attaining a trance state or even for dancing to (maybe not the one recorded in 17/16ths time, but let us know if you can manage it). We leave it for you to decide, but do make sure you are in a suitable and safe environment. 
Look out for further releases of WarpCensor, and lots of other exciting stuff from The Committee For Sonic Research.

All music composed at The WarpCensor Institute by WarpCensor. 
Photography and Design by WarpCensor. 
Production at The Patisserie by Dental Drill. 
Thanks to The Committee For Sonic Research.

The album is a digital release with a PDF attachment.

A third EP is also available

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