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The 100th release on TCFSR Bandcamp is the 28th release by tourmaline hum, although it is five years since their last album 'system Imperfect
During this time the duo of Lone Cosmonaut and Dental Drill have each created a number of solo releases and contributed to a variety of other projects (and Dental Drill has taken on the day to day running of the TCFSR label) so the tracks for 'Invasive Species' were created intermittently between 2017 and 2021. Nonetheless the album demonstrates a thematic consistency. The album has a darker edge than most of tourmaline hum's previous work.

Everything that you can hear: tourmaline hum
Design: DRILLArt
Photos: Kate Tree, Trixie Delight
Anything else: The Committee For Sonic Research

Bandcamp Message - FOCUS ON tourmaline h
th-Invasive Species CD1 WEB.jpg
th-Invasive Species CD2 WEB.jpg
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