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the realm of higher things
by Gimu

The fifth release on TCFSR by Brazilian soundscaper Gimu.

A collection of darkness that has been described as doing for sound sculpture what Paranesi's Prison series did for etching.

Available as high definition digital download and artisan CD.

DDS-Bridget Riley COVER WEB.jpg
Bridget Riley
by Dental Drill Slips

A high definition digital EP.

"Inspired by a recording that I heard whilst assisting with the production of BERG 7, the recent release by British Experimental Rocket Group, this release started as an abstract sound sculpture. These audio are sculpted from layers of similar sound. When I listened to the first completed track I noticed sound elements that do not appear in the source synthesis. It reminded me of paintings by Bridget Riley that I viewed at an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery near the end of 2019. In particular black and white paintings such as 'Over' in which your eye detects a rainbow of colours that are not physically there.
I created further sculptures with additional elements to reflect the development of colour and movement in the line paintings by Bridget Riley." DD

LC-Floriana bw Better Day FINAL
Floriana / Better Day
by Lone Cosmonaut

A new single (a rare event for TCFSR).

"Floriana is my humble tribute to the late Florian Schneider, 1947 - 2020. For me and many others he WAS Kraftwerk, and his stylish appearance and musical contributions were an influence on so many artists who I subsequently loved and have been influenced by. His contribution to electronic music and popular culture cannot be underestimated.
Rest easy Florian, and thank you." LC

BERG - 7 24x24.jpg
by British Experimental Rocket Group

The seventh collection from the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the archives of the Culture Branch of the British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG-C). TCFSR are working with members of BERG-C to locate, examine, compile, restore and protect the remaining audio recordings. Selected examples are made public through this series of exclusive releases.

As far as we can ascertain, the tracks on this release cover a period of roughly 35 years – the period during which BERG-C was at its most active. The geographical spread of unofficial archive caches continues to extend and at least one recording in the collection is from behind the Iron Curtain.

Additional tracks are availble via a postcard download code.

Gimu - Susurrus.jpg
by Gimu

The fourth release on TCFSR by Brazilian soundscaper Gimu. A selection of six droneworks reflecting recent life challenges.

Available as high definition digital download and artisan CD.

BASS_Extended_Technique_COVER22 WEB.jpg
Extended Technique
by bass

The second release on TCFSR by the free impovisation duo from Hannover.

Noises, physically perceptible frequencies, distortions, resonances, beats and feedback are integral parts of powerful spontaneous compositions that flow between free structures, stoically repetitive drones, massive sound surfaces and complex sound layers.

LC-WCH Cover WEB.jpg
Witch-Cult Hypothesis
by Lone Cosmonaut

Something of a departure for Lone Cosmonaut, his 7th release on TCFSR is a single longform work that flows around soundscape coupled with passages of analogue electronica.

Available as high definition digital download and artisan CD.

Zucker Cover Icon.jpg
by Various Artists

The tenth TCFSR Solo Word Project release. Eleven artists from around the globe create audio in response to the German word 'Zucker', meaning 'Sugar'.

WCR - Like Listening To Rainbows In An A
Like Listening To Rainbows In An Alien Rhythm  by WarpCensor

Music not for listening, Volume 1.

WarpCensor is back with a new series of music not for listening to get your feet tapping, mind wandering or just chilling out. 

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