Mar 13
Extended Technique
by bass
BASS_Extended_Technique_COVER22 WEB.jpg

The second release on TCFSR by the free impovisation duo from Hannover.

Noises, physically perceptible frequencies, distortions, resonances, beats and feedback are integral parts of powerful spontaneous compositions that flow between free structures, stoically repetitive drones, massive sound surfaces and complex sound layers.

Feb 29
Witch-Cult Hypothesis
by Lone Cosmonaut
LC-WCH Cover WEB.jpg

Something of a departure for Lone Cosmonaut, his 7th release on TCFSR is a single longform work that flows around soundscape coupled with passages of analogue electronica.

Available as high definition digital download and artisan CD.

Jan 01
by Various Artists
Zucker Cover Icon.jpg

The tenth TCFSR Solo Word Project release. Eleven artists from around the globe create audio in response to the German word 'Zucker', meaning 'Sugar'.

Nov 05
Like Listening To Rainbows In An Alien Rhythm                           by WarpCensor
WCR - Like Listening To Rainbows In An A

Music not for listening, Volume 1.

WarpCensor is back with a new series of music not for listening to get your feet tapping, mind wandering or just chilling out. 

Sep 29
by Dental Drill Slips
DDS - 2550-75.jpg

Three new soundscapes by Dental Drill.

Sep 13
Increased Brightness Consolidation
by Admirals Of Induced Hysteria
AOIH-Increased Brightness Consolidation

'Increased Brightness Consolidation' by Admirals Of Induced Hysteria is the corollary to 'Seasonal Inventory Management', released earlier this year.
2 EPs, 4 seasons, 8 tracks.

Aug 25
finally free, gravity
by Gimu
Gimu-FFG cover FINAL 1200x1200.jpg

The third release on TCFSR by Brazilian soundscaper Gimu, includes collaborations with Dental drill and Trixie Delight

Aug 10
by National Sound // GLOBAL SYSTEMS INTNL.
NS-GSI Cover BLACK.jpg

A split CD release by National Sound and GLOBAL SYSTEMS INTNL., two producers from New York State.

Two independently created mini albums that complement each other when presented together.

Jul 13
Seasonal Inventory Management
by Admirals Of Induced Hysteria
WEB Seasonal Inventory Management Front.

Admirals OF Induced Hysteria are back,

and they sing! 
Well maybe not sing, but they impart lyrics.

Jul 01
by Various Artists
Melancholy Cover Icon.jpg

The ninth TCFSR Solo Word Project release. Thirteen artists from around the globe create audio in response to the word 'Melancholy'.

Jun 21
by Schmaidl
fotv cover NET.jpg

A new EP by Schmaidl, recorded between December 2018 and May 2019. 

Available as a high definition download with PDF.

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