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TCFSR releases available on

Available as a limited edition artisan CD as well as 24 bit, high definition audio.

Something of a departure for Lone Cosmonaut, his 7th release on TCFSR is a single longform work that flows around soundscape coupled with passages of analogue electronica.

"For this Lone Cosmonaut release I wanted to try an album that is overall, a continuous work. Hence, there are no titles for the movements as the whole album is the Witch-Cult Hypothesis.

As ever, my thanks to Dental Drill for his steady hand at the tiller and all at the Committee For Sonic Research" - Lone Cosmonaut

Everything audio: Lone Cosmonaut
Mixed and mastered for TCFSR by Dental Drill at The Patisserie
Cover picture: Lone Cosmonaut
Package design: DRILLArt 

LC-WCH 3 WEB.jpg
LC-WCH 5 WEB.jpg
LC-WCH 1 WEB.jpg
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