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The Comfy Show - March 2021

The Comfy Show on Radio Woking, on which Trixie Delight and Dental Drill present an eclectic selection of gems from unsigned and less well known artists. ; ; ;

Artist links for this episode:


Miharu Koshi




Coda Chroma


Treading Bloom


Neli CoKo


Doctor Mario


Doctor Mario & Trixie Delight


Caleb R K Williams


Jean Bernard de Libreville


The Teardrop Explodes






Crass / Paul Jamrozy




Mayor Dadi


Coda Chroma




Microhm [μΩ]


Saint Abdullah


Kissing Party


Backwards Charm


Miharu Koshi


Ian Edwards


Be sure to check out the artists pages and give them support.


Trixie & DD

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