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The Comfy Show - December 2016

The Comfy Show on Radio Woking, on which Trixie Delight and Dental Drill present an eclectic selection of gems from unsigned and less well known artists. ; ; ;

Artist links for this episode:


Sebastian Wolfe


Say Hi




Hideous Towns


Sunshine Girl




Joanne Pollock


Just Handshakes


Miss Natasha Enquist


Rona Geffen


Yasmine El Bakly


Mental Minority


Projector (Al/Gore/Rhythm)




DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult




Earthly (Bonglestar)


Luke Lund vs Amantra


S Olbricht


Marble Throne


tourmaline hum


Be sure to check out the artists pages and give them support.


Trixie & Dental

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