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Boreal Leaf - String Roads CD 3 WEB.jpg

Boreal Leaf is a project of multi-instrumentalist Krzysztof Siwkowski, in which he mainly creates experimental electronics.
His debut album on TCFSR focusses on long and short sounds and uses modular synthesizers as well as electric guitar.

String Road is related to string theory to some extent. Strings are one-dimensional stretched entities, which they can vibrate as harmonic oscillators and appear as a certain type of particle. These particles are connected to each other as a string theory like to say, everything is connected through time and space.

Album was created between 2019 and 2021.

All compositions by Boreal Leaf
Artwork by Boreal Leaf
Design by Dental Drill and Boreal Leaf

Boreal Leaf - String Roads CD 1 WEB.jpg
Boreal Leaf - String Roads CD 4 WEB.jpg
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