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Available as a limited edition artisan CD as well as 24 bit, high definition audio, Low Flying Aircraft OST is the eighth release by Lone Cosmonaut on TCFSR,

Nominated in the best cinematography category at the 2020 Paris Movie Awards and runner up for best independent film at the Artemis Film Festival 2020,
'Low Flying Aircraft' directed by Rene' Batista is a critically acclaimed dystopian thriller with a supernatural twist, which explores the themes of obsession, guilt and grief. It is based on a short story by the writer J.G. Ballard.

Music by Lone Cosmonaut
Mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie
Cover picture obtained with the assistance of Lone Cosmonaut
Design by Small Reel Films and DrillART

LC-Low Flying Aircraft OST Release Pic 1
LC-Low Flying Aircraft OST Release Pic 3
LC-Low Flying Aircraft OST Release Pic 2
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