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Here for the first time are the individual six tracks by the Admirals Of Induced Hysteria together with a bonus remix by their associate dR tRONIC.

Recorded at Hysteria Lodge with assistance from The Committee For Sonic Research.

We’re sure you will find these attractive tunes lodge in your head at the most inappropriate times. This versatile collection comes in individually numbered die stamped boxes complete with an alternative media option (the blank tape is provided unspooled to allow immediate access to any point), an adapter so you can listen in Stereo or Mono and you can also sing along, Karaoke-style using the enclosed lyric sheet and vocal assister.

The tracks have all been released digitally on bandcamp.

A, B, C, D. on 'Admirals of Induced Hysteria'
E, F, G, H. on 'Music For Social Re​-​Normalisation '
I, J,K, L. on 'Now Is A Good Time To Start Praying'
M, N, O, P. on 'Our Playground Is Far More Dangerous Than Yours'
Q, R, S, T, U. on 'Test Depth Charges Atop A Mountain'
V, W, X, Y, Z. on 'Solving Your Dilemmas Has Been Our Pleasure'
dOCTOR tRONIC rEMIX on '(Bonus) White Label'

Facsimiles of the seven covers printed on both sides of 200gsm card are included.


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