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Available as a digital download with bonus tracks available via a postcard download code, 'BERG 7' is, as the imaginatively titled seventh official release by the 'British Experimental Rocket Group' on TCFSR.

The Committee For Sonic Research (TCFSR) are pleased to present a seventh collection from the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the archives of the Culture Branch of the British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG-C). TCFSR are working with members of BERG-C to locate, examine, compile, restore and protect the remaining audio recordings. Selected examples are made public through this series of exclusive releases.

As far as we can ascertain, the tracks on this release cover a period of roughly 35 years – the period during which BERG-C was at its most active. The geographical spread of unofficial archive caches continues to extend and at least one recording in the collection is from behind the Iron Curtain.

As usual, due to the secretive creation of much of this audio and the possibility that in some cases official resources were repurposed, BERG-C have agreed to publication of this volume only on condition that no information is provided that can be used to reveal the individuals involved.

Given the size of the task to recover and restore from hard media, BERG-C prefer not to recommit the audio to hard media. So, as with BERG 6 a selection of bonus tracks (totalling 18:34) are available via a download code on a large glossy postcard of the BERG logo. This provides a physical product for those who want it whilst maintaining digital provision of the audio.

Postcard - BERG 6 F.jpg
BERG 7 Postcard 2 WEB.jpg
BERG 7 Postcard 1 WEB.jpg
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