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Available as a digital download with bonus tracks available via a postcard download code, 'BERG 6' is, as the title suggests, the sixth official release by the 'British Experimental Rocket Group' on TCFSR.

The Committee For Sonic Research (TCFSR) are pleased to present a sixth collection from the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the archives of the Culture Branch of the British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG-C). TCFSR are working with members of BERG-C to locate, examine, compile, restore and protect the remaining audio recordings. Selected examples are made public through this series of exclusive releases. 

Having previously discovered archive recordings on the European mainland, we are able to include in this collection recordings that appear to connect to the North American continent. As usual, due to the secretive creation of much of this audio and the possibility that in some cases official resources were repurposed, BERG-C have agreed to publication of this volume only on condition that no information is provided that can be used to reveal the individuals involved. 

We have received many request for hard media. However given the difficultly of identifying archives and recovering audio, BERG-C remain resistant to this. Nonetheless, a compromise has been agreed and BERG 6 is the first release to include a physical element. A large glossy postcard of the BERG logo and a download code for 5 additional tracks can be purchased. This provides a physical product whilst maintaining digital provision of the audio.

Postcard - BERG 6 F.jpg
Postcard - BERG 6 FB.jpg
Postcard - BERG 6 Stack.jpg
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