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Ambient, Longform, Soundscape & Stuff - May 2020

Dental Drill presents 'Ambient, Longform, Soundscapes & Stuff' on Radio Woking. Playing audio that is too long for The Comfy Show, or that doen not fit it's criteria in other ways. ; ;

During the May show Dental Drill remembers the work of sound sculptor National Sound, who has released some of his compositions through Woking based audio label The Committee For Sonic Research, and who passed away in April just a few weeks after his 34th birthday. This section of the show will also include material from his close compatriot GLOBAL SYSTEMS INTNL.

Artist links for this episode:

Bendik Giske


Pete Prescription


Rest You Sleeping Giant


Frankie Teardrop Dead


Unearth Noise and Lady of Fire Poetry


Dead Neanderthals


Cut A lonely Figure




Secret Pyramid


National Sound




Be sure to check out the artists pages and give them support.



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