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5th Sunday - October 2022

An occasional show on Radio Woking on 5th Sunday of any month that has one. Dental Drill presents a variety of not-pop music in a range of styles. ; ;

Being autistic Dental Drill likes structure, so he invariably end up with a theme, this time it's 'Farm Animals'.
This has produced show of varied styles, from chimurenga and township jive through electronica, indie, janglepop, post-punk and actual punk to jazz and modern classical, and more besides.

Playlist for this episode:


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Horse Dance (2015)

Pigbag - Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (1982)

Toxic Chicken & Furchick - Asking For A Man (2019)

The Pirates – Milk Cow Blues (1977)


Hearts & Tigers – Sunny The Bully (2015)

The Guo Brothers - Training Horses On The Mongolian Grassland (1990)

The Kundalini Genie – Horse Tranquilizer (2018)

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Horns Of The Bull (1987)


West Nkosi - Inkunzi Emnyama (Black Bull) (1992)

The Icicle Works – Hollow Horse (1984)

Nicolas Jaar - El Bandido (2008)


Suede – We Are The Pigs (1994)

WE. THE PIGS – Anyway (2021)

Bessie Smith - Gimme A Pigfoot (1933)

The War On Drugs – Taking The Farm (2008)


Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Tinokumbira Kuziva (1979)

The Deltahorse – Call It A Day (2016)

Caleb R.K. Williams - Buffalo Horse (2021)

Manic Sheep - Your Affection (2012)

Michael Nyman - Sheep And Tides (1988)

Star Horse – Kiss A Smile (2012)


Horsefish – Pangasius (2016)

Tom Waits - Poor Little Lamb (2006)

Sweet Valley Slumber Party - Wild Horses (2014)

Venitian Snares - Goose And Gary v2 (2016)

Some Chicken - New Religion (1977)

The Auras – The Peacock (2012)

Be sure to check out the artists pages and give them support.



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