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TCFSR releases available on

Available as a 32bit digital download.

"I'm probably not alone in deciding to create a release for 22 February this year. Frustratingly, I spent a month or more chiselling away bits of sound and moulding bits on to sound elsewhere but achieving nothing satisfactory. I sort of gave up.
Late last week I had an idea and was able to try it out on Friday and... EUREKA the dam burst and ideas came flooding through.
I was about two thirds of the way through creating 22222 when I had and idea to create a second track that is 22:22 long and (hopefully) sounds the same played in the traditional fashion or back to front. The trouble was that it was Saturday and I was committed to travelling half way across England to watch a non-league football match!
It wasn't a case of just knocking up an 11:11 long track, duplicating it and flipping it for the second half. Some of the parts in Completely Contrary Composition run the entire length of the track and do not repeat (go figure).
A couple of very late nights (until 6.45 am on Sunday into Monday) and I completed this release with five and a half hours to spare. :)

An advantage of running the label is that I can put out releases at very short notice, although I had to suspend the 14 day euphoria rule where we give ourselves to be sure that a creation is as good as we thought it was when finished it.

Thank you for check this out. I hope that you find it interesting."

Dental Drill

Field recordings (it's a pill box being shaken, not the sea breaking on a stony beach), composition, mixing, mastering and artwork: Dental Drill

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