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Following 'Dad was a Jovian bird/All goes to darkness, and then...' in early 2017, 'veiled' is the second album on TCFSR by respected Brazilian soundscaper Gimu. 

"I lived in the same apt for about 6 years, in the same neighborhood I lived in for about 13 years. Even though I thought nothing would ever happen and I would spend the rest of my days on earth there, deep down I knew something would have to change because not many things were on their right places. It was a feeling but I had no clue what could be done so I wouldn't feel stagnated. Stagnation had been breathing down my neck for some years. Stagnation and apathy: what a duo! But then life pulled its strings, with a little help from my husband and his sister and here I am, about to turn 47, living very far from where I used to, for the first time in a kinda small town in the countryside, very far from big centres, starting again. It has been 6 months. 
The 3 songs on "Veiled" were the last ones I made in that apt where lots of songs and albums were made. Lots. The last 3 songs made on the iMac I'd had for 6 years. I'd been here for a month when it stopped working. Before moving, I sent TCFSR the songs saying I didn't know what to do about them and here they are, as a new album I decided to call "Veiled" and I hope one day I can understand why I called it that. 
I asked DD to title the songs and title he did them, poetically. 
I would like to thank Dental and Trixie for their efforts and dedication, and for making me feel so special. Much love." Gimu 


All compositions by Gimu 

Mixed by Gimu 

Mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie 

Cover Art by Dental Drill and Trixie Delight 

Design by Dental Drill, Gimu and Trixie Delight 

Anything else by The Committee For Sonic Research 

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