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The Comfy Show - February 2019

The Comfy Show on Radio Woking, on which Trixie Delight and Dental Drill present an eclectic selection of gems from unsigned and less well known artists. ; ; ;

Artist links for this episode:

The Working Party/Except Buses




Miou Miou


K-Elektronischer Automatisten


Mud On My Bra


Eric Levander


The Outcasts


Panama Fleets


Zombie Girlfriend


Good News Bad News


The Only Ones


Lo! Peninsula


Ivonne Van Cleef




Frankie Teardrop Dead


She’s Excited


sevenism & Marco Lucchi


Echo Ladies


Martes Niebla


She‘s Excited/ Augenmerk/ Mr. Pepino




Whettman Chelmets


we do not exist

Be sure to check out the artists pages and give them support.


Trixie & Dental

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