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TCFSR releases available on

Available as HD audio download, CD and special edition CD with original art print, Trixie Delight's second release on TCFSR is once again constructed from her own field recordings over which she plays her zither and sings.


This release includes interpretations by Lone Cosmonaut, Doctor Mario, Dental Drill and 3dtorus.


Lone Cosmonaut:


Doctor Mario:


Dental Drill:




Trixie thanks Keith Whitham, David Furodet and the many others who got her this far.


'Peeling Strawberries' album by Trixie Delight is available from dhatūrā records


track 1 produced by Dental Drill and Trixie Delight,

tracks 2 and 4 produced by Dental Drill

and track 3 mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie


artwork and design by Trixie Delight

layout by SlothNOIR

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