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'Sorrow was an embryo' expands the range of Gimu’s soundscapes with the addition of beat elements.


Gimu says of the album:

  "These songs were made throughout 2021 and reflect two men's various states of mind, my husband's and mine. They were invariably made while we were not experiencing some of the best times of our lives, both deeply affected by the desire to leave everything behind, to escape THIS existence and crawl into another in which we'd have several reasons to be sure that life, in all its aspects, is really good, and that existing is something we should be thankful for.
We're still here and we'll keep on trying.
The two of us and our canine daughter Genoveva."

All tracks: Gimu
Mastered: Marcus Miller
Cover image: Luciano Albertasse Bravo
CD pack design: Dental Drill

The 6th album on TCFSR by Gimu is available as a digital download and a limited edition artisan CD.

His previous releases are:
Dad was a Jovian bird; All goes to darkness, and then…(2017)
veiled (2018)
finally free, gravity (2019) a Bandcamp ambient album of the month
Susurrus (2020)
the realm of higher things (2020)

Since his last release on TCFSR. Gimu has released the album ‘An Outburst, A Yell’ on Brazilian label Musica Insolita


For more releases by Gimu

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