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The first release on TCFSR by Trixie Delight, unique and diverse performer who plays street signs, found objects and guitars, and manipulates field recording to create her music. Uniquely amongst the current TCFSR roster, she sings.

All of this is well demonstrated on the 'Sleep EP', which includes very different interpretations of her vocal by Klangschwester, Audiomat, tourmaline hum and a remix by Doctor Mario of the initial work with Body Smasher.



tourmaline hum:

Doctor Mario:

Body Smasher:

'Peeling Strawberries' album by Trixie Delight is available from dhatūrā records

track 1 produced by Dental Drill and Trixie Delight, tracks 3, 4 and 5 mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie

artwork by Trixie Delight

design by SlothNOIR and Trixie Delight

Anything else: The Committee For Sonic Research

Some of the tracks are downloadable in 32 bit, 44 kHz high definition FLAC.

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