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finally free, gravity is the third album on TCFSR by  Brazilian soundscaper Gimu. Seven tracks including collaborats with Dental Drill and Trixie Delight, who provides vocals for the track 'not alone'.

All compositions by Gimu except 'air' Gimu and Dental Drill and 'not alone' Gimu and Trixie Delight 
Lyrics by Trixie Delight 
Mixed by Gimu except 'air' Gimu and Dental Drill and 'not alone' Gimu, Dental Drill and Trixie Delight 
Mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie 
Cover picture by Gimu 
Design by Dental Drill 
Anything else by The Committee For Sonic Research

Gimu-FFG CD WEB.jpg
Gimu-FFG pack WEB.JPG
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