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We must be very grateful to the anonymous lady who sent Birthday greetings to her father via an acetate record all those years ago. How a copy came to be found in a charity shop in North Devon is a story yet to be discovered. From other material on the disc we deduce that it was recorded during the late 1950s.

Elements of her message provide the basis for the opening an closing of this début collection of music from WarpCensor, which is also the second album. The first will appear in due course.

Like the earlier album, WarpCensor has avoided adherence to musical genres, taking instead the firm line that intelligent listeners will eschew pre-conceived ideas. That does not, however, discount future collections from staying within a particular theme if the circumstances are appropriate.

So we invite you to listen to this short, but effective collection of music from the latest addition to the roster of artists associated with The Committee For Sonic Research.


WarpCensor thank The Anonymous Lady and Messrs. Mallarmé and Donne for creative inspiration.


A PDF with additional information is included in the download.

The album is a digital release available in 24 bit, 88 kHz high definition FLAC throughout.

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