"Naviar Haiku is a music project in which artists are invited to make new music inspired by a weekly assigned haiku poem. Participation is free and there are no limitations in the songs’ length or genre.

Haiku is a traditional and short form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines: it’s about moments of objective experience which lead to deeper considerations about life and nature. The juxtaposition of two images or ideas and the consequent creation of a gap in the imagery gives the reader (or, in this case, the musician) the chance to complete the poem with his/her own interpretation.

This project is about expanding the meaning of a poem beyond its words, and the active role of the reader in haiku poetry, unique in the literary realm, is what inspired this project."

The Naviar Haiku

Since 2014 Naviar Records have uploaded a haiku each week. Artists have seven days to create an audio interpretation of the poem. In my view the nature of haiku make an ideal basis for soundsculpture. I was fortunate to come across this project right at the start and contributed to the first one. tourmaline hum, of which I am half, contributed to the 2nd, 3rd and 24th haiku and I was able to make time for contributions to numbers 006, 009 and 012.

Sadly almost two years passed until I found another opportunity to support this laudable project. However I managed to create a piece for haiku 131 and I hope to be able to take part again.