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Comes With MP3s - Dental Drill - July 2017

Dental Drill is guest presenter on the weekly 'Comes With MP3s' show on Saturdays at 6pm on Radio Woking.

The format free show allows presenters to share a wide variety of audio, and Dental Drill relishes the opportunity. ; ;



The Guo Brothers      



Say Hi  

The Deltahorse  

Mayor Dadi    

Franny & Zooey  

Depeche Mode    

TV Girl   


Abul Mogard    

Test Dept.    

Northern Portrait  

Imandra Lake   

lola demo            


tourmaline hum   

tourmaline hum    

Noir for Rachel    

The Sisters of Mercy   

sloth trees    

The Chewers    

- Opus Dei

- The Dream Of The Red Mansion

- Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

- Sister Anne

- Laundry

- Call It A Day

- In Laos

- Daydream

- Photographic

- On Land

- Skyfall [Remastered]

- Tumbling Relentless Heaps

- Total State Machine

- Leave The Trees Alone

- Külm

- Bitter Delicious

- Neon District

- Rain Song

- Bletchley Park Lurker

- Untitled Tape

- Flood II

- haystacks (mix)

- Some Folks

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