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TCFSR releases available on

Available as a digital download, 'BERG 5' is, as the title suggests, the fifth official release by the 'British Experimental Rocket Group' on TCFSR.

The Committee For Sonic Research (TCFSR) are pleased to present a fifth collection from the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the archives of the Culture Branch of the British Experimental Rocket Group (BERG-C). TCFSR are working with members of BERG-C to locate, examine, compile, restore and protect the remaining audio recordings. Selected examples are made public through this series of exclusive releases 

In addition to audio from the formal archive, cold storage sites and other unofficial locations, a result of the publicity gained from our previous BERG releases is that several - anonymous - collectors and benefactors from around the world, have contacted TCFSR with generous offers and donations to help us try to fill the many gaps in the audio archive. 

Some recordings have also emerged in unusual circumstances, such as the box of quarter-inch tapes recently left outside our offices. The anonymous donor included a note saying the box had been discovered under a pile of discarded prosthetic limbs, wigs and fabric supports in the basement of a closed psychiatric hospital in West London. 

Some fascinating audio is being held pending verification that it was created under the auspices of BERG. If you are considering donating BERG audio to this project it will be very helpful if you can provide as much evidence as you can concerning its veracity. 

'The Quatermass Conclusion' is available individually as a free download and is a free addition to the album download. 

The album download also contains a bonus track, the unrestored rip of 'Breakdown'. 





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