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TCFSR releases available on

Available as a high definition digital download, 'BERG 4' is, as the title suggests, the fourth official release by the 'British Experimental Rocket Group' on TCFSR.



Following the tragic death of Professor Bernard Quatermass in 1980, a schism within the British Experimental Rocket Group (B.E.R.G.) resulted in the formation of a branch, staffed by those who believed that the Government had failed to support modern cultural developments in much the same way that they earlier failed to provide leadership in the area of space research. Additional secret research facilities were created to allow diversification into the field of electronically generated synthetic sounds for experimentation, communication and 'musical' composition.

The Committee For Sonic Research are pleased to present a fourth exclusive collection from the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the archive(s) of the Culture Branch of the British Experimental Rocket Group (B.E.R.G.).


In addition to recordings from the formal archives, and some recovered from secret stashes that we were able to include for the first time on BERG 3, an archive has been located on the European mainland and we have been able to include a track from that.

The archive of the British Experimental Rocket Group is being made public for the first time, including a selection of unofficial works. In order to protect the idetity of BERG operatives, our agreement precludes us from providing background information relating to the audio. Enquiries for further details should be directed to the British Experimental Rocket Group.






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